As urologists, our Physicians are highly trained to treat disorders of the male and female urinary tract (bladder, ureter, kidney, and urethra) and the male reproductive system.  All of our physicians are board certified diplomats of the American Board of Urology or board eligible. In addition, they are members of the Alaska State Medical Association, the American Urological Association, and the Alaska Physicians and Surgeons. 

Members of our medical staff include the following Physicians:

- Aaron P. Brown, M.D.

- Paul G. Ferucci, M.D.

- Andre' S. Godet, M.D.

- Greg O. Lund, M.D., F.A.C.S.

- Laura S. Merriman, M.D.

- B. T. Montgomery, M.D.

- Zachary Q. Posey, M.D.

- Jeffrey A. Simerville, M.D.

- J. Wesley Turner, M.D.

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